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Danielle Murphy: My Defining Moments: Dream, Dare, Dance
December 1, 2011 • By Dr. Cynthia Hale 

Written by Rev. Nichelle Early

At some point or another, each of us has experienced a defining moment. You know, the moment when you sense a monumental shift that causes you to re-evaluate where you are and how you got there. Or perhaps it's the moment when you realize it's time to awaken old dreams and past prophesies you've allowed to lie dormant. Maybe it's that painful time in your life that helped you see that "all things really do work together for your good." Whatever the case, you've potentially experienced a defining moment that God wants to use for His glory. However, will you allow him?
Well in case you need a little encouragement, we are here to help! garnered the exclusive opportunity to speak candidly with one of the Kingdom's choice gifts, Pastor Danielle Murphy. She graciously accepted our invitation to be featured on and share with us how God used one of her most defining moments to bring Him the ultimate glory, and He wants to do the same for you too!

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